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A girl with her sexy appliance November 17, 2011

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While I was rhapsodizing about my vacuum and mentioning that we could not pick our kitchenaid mixer as our favorite one, I realized that maybe I hadn’t introduced you to my sexy one.

My kitchenaid artisan mixer

During the summer, in order to assist in the creation of the delicious cheesecake mousse to be served at the Stalker’s wedding, I decided I needed the power to whip up delectable delights in the way only a kitchenaid mixer can.  I scoured the internet sites near and far for the best deal for my mixer even though I was very much willing to pay full price for it.  But, months later, I cannot tell you what I paid for it because I actually cannot remember.  I do know that I got it on Overstock and I used some sort of discount codes to get the best deal.

The hardest part had truly been picking the color for my mixer.  Red was the hot color to have and understandably it was the most expensive color you could get.  Being a lover of the color green, I almost got it in the color Green Apple.  But something just drew me to the color Pistachio.  It was something about the near retro-ness of it.  It was cool, relaxing and just a lovely shade of green.  When it arrived, I remember just petting it after I managed to yank it from the box.  I didn’t use it for weeks, I believe, even though I really wanted to.  Before the wedding, I think all I used it for was to make a batch of chocolate chip cookies.

So, while I don’t use it all the time- I would estimate I use it maybe once every other month since I’ve had it- it’s still, by far, the sexiest appliance I have.  It’s probably the most expensive one, too.  But well worth the price.


A girl thinking about plates November 15, 2011

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Since I’ve been musing so much about household items, I thought I would continue the trend.  You see, ever since I bought the dinnerware set for my apartment, I’ve been having the same inner struggle.

I got this stoneware 16pc set from Target

And I absolutely love my plates.  However, with only enough for 4 sets of service, I do know that I should buy at least another set.  Here’s the question…

Should I buy another set just like it?

Or should I get a complementary solid color set?

And, if it’s the latter… which color?

My mother says red but I would love it to be that pale sort of sage color.  I’m honestly leaning towards the solid color idea but I’m not sure if I can find similar material plates in the same size and all but in the color that I want.  If that’s the case, should I still get the solid color ones and not worry about the material being stoneware, too?

These are the sorts of things that keep me up at night.


A girl and her vacuum November 13, 2011

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alternate title: A girl who loves to suck

One of the joys of having a place of my own has been filling it with wonderful things of my own choosing.  Part of the reason I got a furnished place was that I did not wish to rush into buying furniture that I might not love just for the sake of filling up space.  This way, I love the furniture they provide and I didn’t have to have the up-front expense of it all.  That left me instead with the ability to buy all the other things that I will love.  Over the next few entries I may or may not decide to show some of the lovely things I got.  But once thing I could not go without gushing over was my vacuum.

My teal Bissell Easy Vac Bagless Vaccuum

I took my time in buying it and had actually already lived in my apartment for about 2 weeks before I ordered it from Walmart.  But in the end, I got the one that was the highest rated on their site AND also the cheapest.  I was a bit skeptical that the highest rating would be the cheapest, it was absolutely a steal of a deal.  All the reviews were 100% positive and there were several dozen to go along with it.  I knew I had found the right one.

For about 30bucks I got something with great suction and just the right size for my apartment.  Not to mention its a lovely shade of teal.  It’s everything I wanted and dreamed in a vacuum.  I suppose loving the little sucker is also what helps me get around to using it regularly.  My mother remains skeptical as to whether I do clean my apartment as often as I say I do… but truly, I’m very proud of my place and of my little vacuum.

What random home appliance do you love?

And yes, we all love our kitchen-aid mixers the most, but besides that one.


A girl being OCD November 2, 2011

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There are some days when I wonder if maybe I’m not somewhat OCD.  Its not like I count everything but there are certain things that I have to count out or else the world does not feel right.  They are little things… like how many times I pump hand soap into my palm (the answer is that it need always be two) and how many paper towels I require to dry my hands off (the answer is always five when I’m at work).

And then there’s the whole Wednesday thing.

You see, the bombshell moved into a place of her own on Wednesday, September 21st.  Since then, I have marked Wednesday as my official day of cleaning at my apartment.  Having consulted the Martha Stewart HomeKeeping Handbook, I know she would approve of my plan.  There are certain cleaning tasks one need tackle weekly, as opposed to the little clutter and dishes one need do daily, or the major washing and scrubbing one does monthly, or even the whole rotation cleaning thing one need do seasonally.

And since I’ve moved I’ve had 7 Wednesdays.

With so many Wednesdays, I have begun to notice that I have a definite pattern when it comes to cleaning.  It may not appear to be a pattern for some people because it many ways it is quite random to the untrained eye.  But as I go through things, I realize that it becomes a little like “If you give a mouse a cookie” type thing.

If I febreeze the cushions and mattresses, I need to pull the covers in to wash them.

If I’m washing the covers, I need to divide my laundry to wash too.

Since I’m doing my laundry, I need to get the towels and the bathroom rug.

I shall febreeze the shower curtain and remember that I need to take out the garbage.

I pull out the garbage bag and remember I need the one in the bathroom.

In order to get the one from the bathroom, I need to scrub the toilet with the clorox wand pad thingies.

Since I’m cleaning the toilet, I might as wipe down the sink.

The bathroom is nearly clean, so I get an all-surface wipe and clean off the mirror.

Since I have the wipe, I might as well use it well and dust the coffee tables and the night stands.

Now that I’ve done all that, I need to ensure I’ve got all the trash…

Which means that I need to clean out the kitty litter.

Then I need to lysol that corner and while I’m at it, I might as well scrub off the counters with the lysol wipes.

The dishes need to be done and for that I need to put the clean dishes away.

With the dishes cleared away, I hear the kittycow meowing which means she’s hungry.

I won’t feed the cat until I’ve swiffered the floors.

Once the floors are done, all I need to do then is vacuum.

Cleaning out the canister of the vacuum will remind me that I still have toss the garbage bag out.

And so, I do this every week.

Seriously, just like that and pretty much in that order.  So am I really OCD or am I more ADHD?

I can never tell.


A bombshell’s bedside table May 3, 2011

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This was inspired by Luskca who, when chatting one night and hearing this girl lament the fact that she had nothing to blog about, soon rattled off a list of interesting topics.  Why Luskca didn’t bother to just use such thoughts on her own blog is beyond me but I will not complain that one or two popped out at me as being blog worthy.

Or at the very least worthy of tapping out a few paragraphs on.

So… is this topic beauty or is this topic home related?

It can be a subject of debate.

According to the Martha Stewart Homekeeping Handbook, the subject of night tables are very straight forward.  They need to be adjacent to the bed and equal to the amount of people that share the bed.  The surface needs to be comfortably large and, to maximize space, have either a bit of shelves, drawers or both.  The contents of it should be the essentials one uses or may need:

  • a suitable stylish lamp
  • an alarm clock
  • a flashlight
  • pad or journal
  • pencil or pens
  • tissues

But what does this bombshell have in hers?

  • chocolates from Easter
  • Mary Kay extra emollient night cream
  • a romance novel
  • a reusable water bottle
  • Mary Kay foot lotion
  • wristwatch

The items are undeniably girly.  I have the chocolates to munch on late at night and the bottle should I be thirsty and not in the mood to venture downstairs.  All the creams are so I can remember to moisturize since invariably it will occur to me to do so when I’m already laying down ready to sleep.  I’m sorry to say that there’s nothing really unusual about it’s contents.

Would anyone say differently about their own nightstands?


Behold! The power of cleaning! January 16, 2008

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The images you are about to see cannot be used against me please.  I was in a sort of funk and being antisocial.  So, naturally, not wanting anyone to enter my sanctuary, I kept it all quite messy.  But, it was getting to the point where it was bothering me and haunting me in my sleep. 

            Room view 1                                                        Room view 2

After talking on the phone a lot with my cupcake sister who was also on a cleaning streak, I got to tackling my own mess.  I am quite happy with the results though I am not entirely done.  It’s still better than nothing.

                    Clean room 1                                             Clean room 2

I almost forgot what the floor looked like.  Now, I just need to tackle the junk of mine that migrated to the living room.  That was the real reason for my cleaning.  I always keep the common areas clean.  Lately, however, I was spilling into other rooms.  While my housemate is too polite to ever say anything, I simply could not continue.  Now… let’s see for how long I can maintain it.  I had not cleared out my room like this since end of March-early April of last year.