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A girl thinking about plates November 15, 2011

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Since I’ve been musing so much about household items, I thought I would continue the trend.  You see, ever since I bought the dinnerware set for my apartment, I’ve been having the same inner struggle.

I got this stoneware 16pc set from Target

And I absolutely love my plates.  However, with only enough for 4 sets of service, I do know that I should buy at least another set.  Here’s the question…

Should I buy another set just like it?

Or should I get a complementary solid color set?

And, if it’s the latter… which color?

My mother says red but I would love it to be that pale sort of sage color.  I’m honestly leaning towards the solid color idea but I’m not sure if I can find similar material plates in the same size and all but in the color that I want.  If that’s the case, should I still get the solid color ones and not worry about the material being stoneware, too?

These are the sorts of things that keep me up at night.


A girl enjoying Autumn November 12, 2011

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As time winds down to the end of the year, I find myself in awe as to how close I am to having been in Arkansas for a year.  When I moved here I did not think I would be here for this long.  Now that I have been here, I find that the more time has passed, the more that I like it.  I’ve really come into my own here.  I don’t know if this is where I wish to live forever and always but it has done wonders for my well-being and happiness.  It’s been an amazing change and transformation.

Now its fall and it’s definitely the season for changes and transformations as things get ready for winter.  With this season, I will have seen them all in Arkansas.  Spring is still my favorite season of all time but, seeing all these colors, I have to say that autumn comes in a close second.

PS: Go take a peek at the Stalker’s blog.  She has some of the loveliest fall foliage pics that I’ve seen from around here.  


A girl falling back November 6, 2011

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What would you do if you could relive an hour of your life?

That is the thought that occurred to me as I went to bed last night, knowing that Daylight Savings Time was approaching and we’d be able to do just that.  But it’s not like some Groundhog Day reliving.  Where you need to live the time again and again until you get it right.

Instead, it brought to mind the time-turner from Harry Potter.

Where you get to live time again, if only for a short burst.  However, you need to learn to spend it completely different from the first time lest you encounter yourself.

And likely blow yourself to smithereens.

The funny thing is that I had never thought of it this way before in my 25yrs of life.  To many, and originally this is what I had thought, it’s just a night where I get an extra hour of sleep.  But then I went to sleep knowing that my cel phone would not update itself on time until I turned it off and turned back on.  What I figured to do was set my alarm for 6am- since I have to work 1st shift and go in at 7am- and do the powering down and back up and decide then if I wanted to sleep most for my extra hour or use it somehow else.

Instead, I found myself awake shortly after 3am.  The fact that it was 3am always leads me to believe something mystical is about to happen.  Either that or I’ve heard the Matchbox 20 song one too many times.  As I turned my phone off and on, I realized I didn’t want to spend my extra given hour sleeping.  So I got out of bed and spent my relived hour making myself something delicious to eat from the leftovers in my fridge and playing with my puppy.

So, no…

My relived hour was not something profound.

Or maybe it was?

It allowed me a small hour of breathing room in the middle of my night to do something for myself when ordinarily I would have just considered it time between work shifts.  This weekend is especially chaotic since I agreed to work 4 shifts in 3 days but I did not set it up where I worked doubles.  Instead I gave myself 8hr intervals on and off for the whole weekend.  Now, many of you may believe that this is the norm for me… to always work too much.  This is partially the reason why I could not bring myself to blog for so many months.  All I was doing was working and that led me to have nothing to blog about and, when I finally was doing things worth blogging about, I was out enjoying those moments and not worried about writing.

How did everyone relive their hour, if you got one?


A girl being OCD November 2, 2011

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There are some days when I wonder if maybe I’m not somewhat OCD.  Its not like I count everything but there are certain things that I have to count out or else the world does not feel right.  They are little things… like how many times I pump hand soap into my palm (the answer is that it need always be two) and how many paper towels I require to dry my hands off (the answer is always five when I’m at work).

And then there’s the whole Wednesday thing.

You see, the bombshell moved into a place of her own on Wednesday, September 21st.  Since then, I have marked Wednesday as my official day of cleaning at my apartment.  Having consulted the Martha Stewart HomeKeeping Handbook, I know she would approve of my plan.  There are certain cleaning tasks one need tackle weekly, as opposed to the little clutter and dishes one need do daily, or the major washing and scrubbing one does monthly, or even the whole rotation cleaning thing one need do seasonally.

And since I’ve moved I’ve had 7 Wednesdays.

With so many Wednesdays, I have begun to notice that I have a definite pattern when it comes to cleaning.  It may not appear to be a pattern for some people because it many ways it is quite random to the untrained eye.  But as I go through things, I realize that it becomes a little like “If you give a mouse a cookie” type thing.

If I febreeze the cushions and mattresses, I need to pull the covers in to wash them.

If I’m washing the covers, I need to divide my laundry to wash too.

Since I’m doing my laundry, I need to get the towels and the bathroom rug.

I shall febreeze the shower curtain and remember that I need to take out the garbage.

I pull out the garbage bag and remember I need the one in the bathroom.

In order to get the one from the bathroom, I need to scrub the toilet with the clorox wand pad thingies.

Since I’m cleaning the toilet, I might as wipe down the sink.

The bathroom is nearly clean, so I get an all-surface wipe and clean off the mirror.

Since I have the wipe, I might as well use it well and dust the coffee tables and the night stands.

Now that I’ve done all that, I need to ensure I’ve got all the trash…

Which means that I need to clean out the kitty litter.

Then I need to lysol that corner and while I’m at it, I might as well scrub off the counters with the lysol wipes.

The dishes need to be done and for that I need to put the clean dishes away.

With the dishes cleared away, I hear the kittycow meowing which means she’s hungry.

I won’t feed the cat until I’ve swiffered the floors.

Once the floors are done, all I need to do then is vacuum.

Cleaning out the canister of the vacuum will remind me that I still have toss the garbage bag out.

And so, I do this every week.

Seriously, just like that and pretty much in that order.  So am I really OCD or am I more ADHD?

I can never tell.


A girl randomizing May 11, 2011

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This evening I found myself thinking on how it is we gain inspiration to blog.  I know a lot of friends gather inspiration on things they read and other blogs they enjoy following.  The only problem for me is that the blogs I bother reading are those of close friends.  These friends in turn seem to like to take their inspiration from the things I write.  I’m deeply flattered by this but at the same time, doing the daily blogging challenge, they have a lot more material to use when it comes to posting on their own sites.

Plus, am I the only one who would find it confusing?

To blog about something someone blogged about…

Who originally got the idea from your own blog.

Yeah… it’s either confusing or self-serving.  The latter is meant in the sense that I don’t want to just talk about myself.  Sure, I’m awesomeness embodied but that doesn’t mean I should go around saying “look at me being faux humble about something awesome I wrote because someone else wrote about it.”

And anyone who knows me knows I don’t have a modest bone in my body.

So, tonight I decided to do something completely different.

I used the random quote generator to start myself off.

I did not, however, choose the first quote on the page.

Instead I chose the fourth one because 4 is my favorite number.  This is what popped up for me:

Happiness is always a by-product. It is probably a matter of temperament, and for anything I know it may be glandular. But it is not something that can be demanded from life, and if you are not happy you had better stop worrying about it and see what treasures you can pluck from your own brand of unhappiness.

Robertson Davies

And the moment I began reading it, I knew it was totally awesome.  Since it is that particularly awesome and I agree with the quote, I now feel no inclination to expound on it within my blog entry.  Feel free to discuss it in the comment section, though.  I promise I’ll join in.


A girl pondering about words May 10, 2011

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Lately I have found myself thinking on this Post-a-day 2011 Challenge that I embarked on and how I have miraculously kept myself blogging on a daily basis.  But what most seems to be occupying my thoughts about this matter is, while I have been blogging daily for the past 5 months and some odd days, I wonder if I’ve truly said anything through my blog.

Other than I’m scattered…


And perhaps partially deranged.

There have been many words flowing from my fingertips and I would like to think that it makes sense a third of the time.  The rest… I can’t help but feel that it fills the space.  What I can tell you is that I have been sorely tempted not to blog for a single day and see what I feel.

But then I give myself a mini drama attack.

And let me tell you that this happens almost nightly.  Pretty much at the time when I sit down and think to myself “Oh darn, it’s nearly 11pm and I have not blogged.  I have no clue what to write about.  Maybe I should just not write anything.”  Then I turn around and tell myself: “SELF!  Why would you go and think  something like that?  Not blog today?  Really?  How could you even say that to yourself, self.  That is ridiculous and disheartening and…. hmmm maybe I should feed myself chocolate.”

A handful of M&Ms later, I try again and I just take a deep breathe and type away whatever is floating to the top of my brain.  This is how my blog works.  At least, that’s how it’s been working lately since I spend a whole bunch of time working and overworking and not doing enough new and interesting things to be blogworthy.  And yet, I persist and continue to blog about everything and nothing.

Perhaps the bombshell is the Seinfeld of blogs?

As I draw closer to the halfway point of this year and this challenge, I find myself wondering as to what will happen when 2011 is over.  Will I choose to blog daily as it’s become such a habit?  Will I take a break for an indeterminate amount of time just because I can?  Or will I just go back to my more usual style of sporadic posting punctuated by November NaBloPoMo or the string of really interesting events that may yet take place in my life?

Whatever happens, I’m not worrying about it.  Still, the thought that maybe I’m just typing a whole lot of words for this year can’t be shaken off as easy as I can shake off other icky thoughts that mess with my vanity.  Sure, I know many of you feel its admirable and wish you had the dedication and persistence to blog daily on your own blogs.  Its no surprise that many of my blogging friends have not blogged in quite some time.

Perhaps I’m just blogging enough for everybody?

If so, does that mean in 2012 it will be someone else’s turn?


A girl musing on conspiracy May 2, 2011

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This is me trying to blog about current events…

I don’t actually believe Osama Bin Laden is dead.  I think it’s this whole theory… like Elvis being dead.

And now Elvis is Bubba.

In the Sookie Stackhouse series.

Which a new one comes out tomorrow.

But like the Stalker said today.  No one will turn Osama into a vampire in a sexy series.  I could google to verify that but I’m deeply afraid of what I may find.