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Mary Kay June 12, 2009

I have to say that I love being a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant, mostly because I love all the products and I get them 50% off!  Now that I’m in the NW Arkansas area, I want to get my Mary Kay business running and helping women get the beautiful skin and make-up they have always wanted.  Not to mention giving them the perfect opportunity to pamper themselves with amazing products.

The beauty of Mary Kay is that you gain your very own consultant.  We keep track of your skin, your needs, your past orders and always have you in mind when new products come out.  Not to mention we know to keep you stocked on the products you love and help you with any shopping for anyone you might need to get a little something for!  Shipping and gift wrapping is absolutely free!  What could be better than having a cheery girlfriend who wants nothing more than to help you look good?

Renewed online site where you can shop with me 24/7!

My Personal Mary Kay site


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  1. vincyseo Says:

    Very cool blog i like it.

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