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A girl who loves her cookware November 14, 2011

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There were a lot of ways I could have spent less money buying all the things I needed for my apartment.  The problem was that I had, and still have, no desire to buy the cheap things being sold for college dorms.  I want my apartment to reflect a young lady with style.  In essence, I wanted it to reflect the bombshell within.

Now, according to The Bombshell Manual of Style, it is not expected for a bombshell to know how to cook.  Now, being a bombshell who cooks- and darn well, might I add-, I knew that there were certain essentials that I would not skimp on.  True, I did eventually get the cookware I wanted on sale, but I didn’t go for the cheap cookware that I would have had to replace later on.  I wanted something durable and of a brand I could trust.  Being a foodie, I knew just the set that I wanted.


Paula Deen's Cookware Set in red.

I’m not entirely sure what got me going on the red scheme for my kitchen but it seems to have really caught on.  I love this cookware set, by the way.  It’s wonderfully non-stick and takes heat really well and evenly.  With time I hope to add to the set by buying the other pieces that Paula has for her collection.  But for now, this set has all the essentials a girl could need to get most of her cooking done.


A girl and her vacuum November 13, 2011

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alternate title: A girl who loves to suck

One of the joys of having a place of my own has been filling it with wonderful things of my own choosing.  Part of the reason I got a furnished place was that I did not wish to rush into buying furniture that I might not love just for the sake of filling up space.  This way, I love the furniture they provide and I didn’t have to have the up-front expense of it all.  That left me instead with the ability to buy all the other things that I will love.  Over the next few entries I may or may not decide to show some of the lovely things I got.  But once thing I could not go without gushing over was my vacuum.

My teal Bissell Easy Vac Bagless Vaccuum

I took my time in buying it and had actually already lived in my apartment for about 2 weeks before I ordered it from Walmart.  But in the end, I got the one that was the highest rated on their site AND also the cheapest.  I was a bit skeptical that the highest rating would be the cheapest, it was absolutely a steal of a deal.  All the reviews were 100% positive and there were several dozen to go along with it.  I knew I had found the right one.

For about 30bucks I got something with great suction and just the right size for my apartment.  Not to mention its a lovely shade of teal.  It’s everything I wanted and dreamed in a vacuum.  I suppose loving the little sucker is also what helps me get around to using it regularly.  My mother remains skeptical as to whether I do clean my apartment as often as I say I do… but truly, I’m very proud of my place and of my little vacuum.

What random home appliance do you love?

And yes, we all love our kitchen-aid mixers the most, but besides that one.


A girl telling you what to watch November 9, 2011

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Yesterday I mentioned a TV show that I’ve really liked this season.  Despite my not having a TV, I seem to be watching quite a few shows this season.  I catch them all over the internet but some are just shows that I’ve been seeing for several seasons- like House, How I Met Your Mother, Big Bang Theory, Grey’s Anatomy. But two shows that I really enjoy and have found to be more likable than I thought have been two others.

First, there is Pan Am.

But this show I can’t help but wonder if perhaps I am more in love with the clothes and the era than I am with the plot and characters.  There is a tenderness to the show and I feel that it has a lot of potential.  Hopefully it won’t get cancelled any time soon and I can get to see where they will take these lovely stewardesses.  I agree with an article I read before the show premiered that this show has style to spare.  The scenes are beautiful and I wish I could get me some of those gorgeous outfits!

Maybe even a hunky pilot, too.

The other show that definitely surprised me was:

2 Broke Girls

 This show is just downright hilarious.  They are snarky and pile on the fun attitude.  It’s not unlike how I talk with my friends.  There is a current feel to it and I really like both the girls in the show.  If you haven’t caught this one, I command you to get on Hulu now and watch all the episodes.


Right now!

Then come back and tell me how wonderful I am for having told you about it.


A girl watching fairy tales November 8, 2011

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It is very apparent that there has been a flood of common themes amongst the tv shows this fall season and the hot thing this fall are fairy tales.  While one channel conjures up the image of the big bad wolf and all the darkness of the original Grimm stories, another focuses more on trying having classic fairy tales frozen in time and trying to adjust to a modern world.  Its no surprise that the latter is more squeaky clean and found on ABC.

Initially I gave both Grimm and Once Upon a Time an equal shot.  I watched both shows on the same evening and tried to keep an open mind.  The first episode for both was nothing to impress me but I knew I would give them both a shot.  To this date, I chose to catch up on Once Upon a Time first because of one reason.

Ginnifer Goodwin

She was the reason I tuned into Big Love for so many seasons and she was also the reason I watched the silly romcom of He’s Just Not That Into You.  She’s cute and delightful and I really adore her as Snow White in Once Upon a Time.  I will tell you this without giving too much away that the 2nd and 3rd episodes are much better.  So if you were not quite so enchanted by the fairy tales the first time around, I ask that you please give it another go.  It’s sweet and will hopefully prove to be a delightful show.

Has anyone else caught this show?

As for Grimm…

Can anyone let me know what I’m missing?

Should I give it another chance too?


A girl who drank at Theo’s February 21, 2011

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located on N. Campbell Avenue in Fayetteville, AR.

Part of the Dickson Street Entertainment District.

As I mentioned yesterday, we were going to head out for ladies’ night once we were done with dinner.  After the addition of darker lipstick, heels and other wardrobe adjustments, we were ready to roll out to the next phase of our plans.

We hadn’t been able to join in on ladies’ night because of weather or just conflicting schedules.  Friday wasn’t actually the more official ladies’ night gatherings because it was really just going out for drinks for one of the ladies’ birthday.  She had decided she wanted to get all pretty and class it up at Theo’s.

Just a glance at the menu of Duck Confit Quesadilla with tamarind BBQ on the starter menu just lets you know the sort of place Theo’s is.  From what I saw, the food seems very lovely and delicious.  The drink menu is varied and interesting.  I had Strawberry Field Sparklers.  It contained strawberry infused vodka and champagne.  It was light and sweet and very pretty with chopped bits of fresh strawberry floating in it.

I would love to return there for an elegant meal and try more than pretty drinks off their menu.  We stayed in the spacious lounge area around one of the little tables since we were a fairly large party of ladies.  The place was really filled up by the time we left some time after 10:30pm on the Lounge side.


A girl playing with lego February 10, 2011

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I can’t recall if I let everyone know that the Stalker and her beau had gotten me Lego Harry Potter years 1-4 for my Nintendo DS.

Anyone else remember if I wrote about it?

Well, let’s just say I did so that way y’all know that I’ve been spending the ensuing weeks trying to play it.

The thing is, I like my game playing to be rather straight forward and I felt that being in the Harry Potter lego universe has been anything but.  You see, we get to replay some of the more distinctive and challenging scenes that happen in the Harry Potter movies.  I’m sure everyone has either read the books or seen the movies, so I won’t rehash the summary of the overall Harry Potter story on here.  Suffice it to say that you spend the time learning new levels of magic and getting to explore the universe alongside a varied cast of friends.

I have to say that I was ready to really like this game.  Until I got insanely frustrated playing with it.  I thought I was doing something wrong.  I was not collecting all the items per level as it seemed I could achieve.  There were entire areas X’ed out that required certain skill sets that one doesn’t even learn until possibly the end of the game.  I didn’t even understand this until about the second Harry Potter movie level.  I kept replaying the earlier levels, frustrated that no matter how hard I tried, there were parts I was not meant to access yet.

When it dawned on me that you sort of had to just get past the levels and main quests and essentially return and replay the whole game all over again using the “FREE PLAY” parts of the levels one has just unlocked, I began to go through the game more efficiently.  You see, I’m the sort of player who likes to talk to EVERYONE and blow up EVERYTHING and open absolutely ever chest and door I come across in a game.  This was particularly handy when I played games like Knights of the Old Republic one and two.  Unfortunately, this sort of game play does not come in handy when going through this lego world.

Therefore, I learned to let it go and just got through all the stages as best I could.  The deeper into the game you get, the more you have learned and the last levels you will have gained pretty much as much as you can without having to do it again using other characters.  Because, try as you might, you do have to replay the parts all over again having a team composing of at least a strong character, a ghost, a teacher, a goblin and/or house-elf, harry and hermione.  Who you choose to take along with you is your decision.  You just have to remember what was required in each level for you to pick the right character to pass through as much as possible.

Aside from the huge thing of being made to play the game through twice, I found the characters to be adorable.  Seriously, they were the cutest set of characters ever.  You get to see just about everyone made into lego form by collection the chocolate frog character cards at a rate of 2 per level.  My favorite to play was Professor McGonagall but the funniest to see was the Voldemort/Quirrell one.

In the end, one can get through the game the first time rather quickly.  The game prompts you through the quests very easily and I think this would be especially good for younger players.  I’m sure older players can go about making special strategies for the came that just seemed to elude me.  I will say that having to play it again makes one play it at a slower pace the second time around.  At least that was what happened to me.  I wasn’t too keen on seeing the same levels all over again so rapidly so I would just take it two levels at a time every day until I had collected everything that I was missing.


A girl having read a Confession February 5, 2011

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As you can tell from yesterday’s entry, there has been a whole lot of snow in the bombshell area.  Everyone has sort of been closed in and with nothing much to do.  We’re tried reading and staying in tune with the happenings of our friends on the internet.  However, the common complaint has been that it’s cold and there’s snow.

Seems many do not like the snow.

Who knew?!

But, as I mentioned on Thursday, I was pondering reading a new book: Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister

Given my rather indifferent feelings towards the previous novel I had read from Maguire, I wasn’t sure what exactly to expect from this one.  As evidenced by the title, it is a story told from the point of view of the rather infamous set of stepsisters of fairytales.  Though the stepmother of Cinderella is usually painted as the wicked one, the stepdaughters can sometimes be shown with a more benevolent light.  They are not as pretty as Cinderella is but they also fear their mother and feel they must obey her rulings.

What I like about this story is that it is not portrayed in the usual fairytale light.  There is no magic and the characters contained within the pages are very real.  Their stories and plight could well have been those of people of similar stations and location as when this story is set.  Taken out of the usual French countryside, this ugly stepsister confession is actually based in Holland.  Something rather unusual and rather delightful to see something different edging all their motives.

Perhaps I like this tale more because there is a more romantic edge.

Or perhaps that the story is coming from the least likely of the stepsisters given the way it unfolds from the supposed present to the past of the character.  The book makes me wonder if maybe I should not misjudge Maguire’s style and not read his other works due to the perspective he chose to take when it came to writing Wicked.