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A girl thinking about plates November 15, 2011

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Since I’ve been musing so much about household items, I thought I would continue the trend.  You see, ever since I bought the dinnerware set for my apartment, I’ve been having the same inner struggle.

I got this stoneware 16pc set from Target

And I absolutely love my plates.  However, with only enough for 4 sets of service, I do know that I should buy at least another set.  Here’s the question…

Should I buy another set just like it?

Or should I get a complementary solid color set?

And, if it’s the latter… which color?

My mother says red but I would love it to be that pale sort of sage color.  I’m honestly leaning towards the solid color idea but I’m not sure if I can find similar material plates in the same size and all but in the color that I want.  If that’s the case, should I still get the solid color ones and not worry about the material being stoneware, too?

These are the sorts of things that keep me up at night.


One Response to “A girl thinking about plates”

  1. myrla Says:

    The light green would be lovely. It would pull it out, and it’s complementary to all the other colors no matter which. Red isn’t necessarily complimentary to everything.

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