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A girl who loves her cookware November 14, 2011

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There were a lot of ways I could have spent less money buying all the things I needed for my apartment.  The problem was that I had, and still have, no desire to buy the cheap things being sold for college dorms.  I want my apartment to reflect a young lady with style.  In essence, I wanted it to reflect the bombshell within.

Now, according to The Bombshell Manual of Style, it is not expected for a bombshell to know how to cook.  Now, being a bombshell who cooks- and darn well, might I add-, I knew that there were certain essentials that I would not skimp on.  True, I did eventually get the cookware I wanted on sale, but I didn’t go for the cheap cookware that I would have had to replace later on.  I wanted something durable and of a brand I could trust.  Being a foodie, I knew just the set that I wanted.


Paula Deen's Cookware Set in red.

I’m not entirely sure what got me going on the red scheme for my kitchen but it seems to have really caught on.  I love this cookware set, by the way.  It’s wonderfully non-stick and takes heat really well and evenly.  With time I hope to add to the set by buying the other pieces that Paula has for her collection.  But for now, this set has all the essentials a girl could need to get most of her cooking done.