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A girl with her sexy appliance November 17, 2011

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While I was rhapsodizing about my vacuum and mentioning that we could not pick our kitchenaid mixer as our favorite one, I realized that maybe I hadn’t introduced you to my sexy one.

My kitchenaid artisan mixer

During the summer, in order to assist in the creation of the delicious cheesecake mousse to be served at the Stalker’s wedding, I decided I needed the power to whip up delectable delights in the way only a kitchenaid mixer can.  I scoured the internet sites near and far for the best deal for my mixer even though I was very much willing to pay full price for it.  But, months later, I cannot tell you what I paid for it because I actually cannot remember.  I do know that I got it on Overstock and I used some sort of discount codes to get the best deal.

The hardest part had truly been picking the color for my mixer.  Red was the hot color to have and understandably it was the most expensive color you could get.  Being a lover of the color green, I almost got it in the color Green Apple.  But something just drew me to the color Pistachio.  It was something about the near retro-ness of it.  It was cool, relaxing and just a lovely shade of green.  When it arrived, I remember just petting it after I managed to yank it from the box.  I didn’t use it for weeks, I believe, even though I really wanted to.  Before the wedding, I think all I used it for was to make a batch of chocolate chip cookies.

So, while I don’t use it all the time- I would estimate I use it maybe once every other month since I’ve had it- it’s still, by far, the sexiest appliance I have.  It’s probably the most expensive one, too.  But well worth the price.


A girl and her vacuum November 13, 2011

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alternate title: A girl who loves to suck

One of the joys of having a place of my own has been filling it with wonderful things of my own choosing.  Part of the reason I got a furnished place was that I did not wish to rush into buying furniture that I might not love just for the sake of filling up space.  This way, I love the furniture they provide and I didn’t have to have the up-front expense of it all.  That left me instead with the ability to buy all the other things that I will love.  Over the next few entries I may or may not decide to show some of the lovely things I got.  But once thing I could not go without gushing over was my vacuum.

My teal Bissell Easy Vac Bagless Vaccuum

I took my time in buying it and had actually already lived in my apartment for about 2 weeks before I ordered it from Walmart.  But in the end, I got the one that was the highest rated on their site AND also the cheapest.  I was a bit skeptical that the highest rating would be the cheapest, it was absolutely a steal of a deal.  All the reviews were 100% positive and there were several dozen to go along with it.  I knew I had found the right one.

For about 30bucks I got something with great suction and just the right size for my apartment.  Not to mention its a lovely shade of teal.  It’s everything I wanted and dreamed in a vacuum.  I suppose loving the little sucker is also what helps me get around to using it regularly.  My mother remains skeptical as to whether I do clean my apartment as often as I say I do… but truly, I’m very proud of my place and of my little vacuum.

What random home appliance do you love?

And yes, we all love our kitchen-aid mixers the most, but besides that one.


A girl musing on FaceBook April 26, 2011

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Lately, I can’t escape this persisting notion that I want to condense my online exposure.  With it, I’ve been trying to evaluate which profiles I should keep and which I should maybe do away with.  My blog is one I will definitely keep as I enjoy writing little snippets daily and posting up random pictures.  But then there are things like my Twitter and FaceBook accounts that have not seen much activity from me.  However, Twitter still holds some appeal to me.  I just work so much that I would bore everyone with my tweets lately.  That and I’m not allowed to have my phone on me while at work so I have begun to not feel the need to keep my phone on me as much when I’m not working.

With Facebook, I can’t say I feel the same affinity.  I remember joining just because my student council friends insisted I do so for the sake of the group they wanted me to help run.  I was far more active back then but once I changed direction in life, I have used it less and less.  Now, I may check it daily but I never post anything of mine up there.  If I really care to share things with people, they know enough to check my blog for it.  When the mood strikes me, I will leave comments on things other people post.

But is it enough to keep a profile on it?

I remember reading an article some weeks back about whether facebook will endure.  They said that it would be difficult for another platform to propagate to so many users and gain a strong hold of them to get them away from facebook.  Since there are so many people on facebook, in order to change to another site, you would have to convince your friends to join up with you.  I remember doing this for Twitter.  My friends were hesitant to use it and I remember not using it myself for many months when I first got an account.  It would be hard for me to try to convince my friends to another site especially when my reason for leaving something like facebook would be to consolidate the accounts I have.

So could I just delete it if I wanted to?

I’ve been toying with the idea.

The more I think about it, the more I like how it sounds.

Whenever I try though, I just end up fiddling with the privacy settings and deleting “friends” I feel no inclination to see clog up my feed.  Am I the only one who feels this way?  Or does everyone just love facebook?  Is there something I’m not seeing or just plain missing?

Tell me all about it.


A girl writing for a good cause March 23, 2011

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And no, I do not mean writing on my blog.  Although you needn’t tell me that my daily blogging has been for the wellbeing and entertainment of my limited reader base.  I already know how much pleasure my readers get from my random musings and my silly sense of writing.

Today I got a call from something I decided to do on the night of my birthday.

I decided I wanted a worthy cause.

So I adopted a penpal.

Not just any penpal.  I wrote into Adopt A Platoon so I can get one from the military.

The premise of the organization is simple.  Thousands of strong and brave military men and women are deployed for lengthy periods of time to fight for our country.  Of these wonderful and strong people, many have no real family to speak of.  So while they are out experiencing some of the most hellish conditions or loneliest of periods of their lives, they have no one to write to or send them anything at all.  I can’t remember where I read about this organization, but the moment I knew their purpose I knew that I had to sign up.

You see, I’m sure that many of you remember my mentioning that my older brother is in the army.  When I read what the mission of the organization was, to get mail to our military platoons deployed overseas, I remembered the time when my older brother was in basic training.  He could not write often but when he did, he sent a note saying how we all needed to write to him more.  Training was strenuous and it was difficult.  The only thing anyone seemed to ever look forward to was mail call.  He told me that the best part was hearing your name called during that time.  It was so very disheartening if you didn’t.

You can imagine how much my mother cried when she learned that.

I remember writing to my older brother daily for several weeks after that.  I can’t remember what I would write about but I made it my mission to at least fill out a lovely notecard telling my brother something about my day or something to that effect.  He told me later that he always wished that I would write more in every letter but that he was grateful for how often I would write.  That every notecard was like a concise story and that everyone would always gather after mail call to share the news and stories they would have received.  He also told me that he especially liked the notecards because it was something lovely to look at, too.

I get teary eyed just remembering that time not 5 years ago.  So that Adopt A Platoon held a cause near and dear to my heart is an understatement.  I’ve always lobbied that letter writing is a lost art.  More people should send mail and this just seems like a perfect fit.  As I’m just one girl, I decided to start small and adopt one person to be my penpal.  It is encouraged that you write at least one letter a week and, if you wish to, send your person a care package with whatever goodies you would like.  While I may not have my mother’s talent when it comes to making care packages, I think I could do that justice.

After all, who doesn’t love to get mail?

So the call today was to verify my information and to let me know to expect an email from the organization with the information of my penpal.  I have not received it yet but am hoping that I will have it before the weekend.  I know that some people would argue that if the bombshell wanted a charitable organization that there were many I could have donated money to.  And I could have done that with Adopt A Platoon but for the cost of maybe a stamp or three a week, and some pretty penmanship, I can likely brighten the life of someone very far away.  And, if what my brother said was true about how when he was in training everyone would share news and mail with one another, it would likely affect a whole lot more people too.

What more could a girl ask for?


Just for the heck of it February 22, 2011

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Alright, so I’m trying to come up with things to blog about and I’m actually posting this while I get ready for work… so pardon me while I’m so brief on this matter.

Vote as many times as you like.

I’m giving y’all a week to do it.



If you feel I missed another option, please leave it in the comment section below.


A girl beginning the countdown February 18, 2011

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Now, the bombshell can’t say she’s very fond of her birthday.  I don’t know very many people who are.  But I’m trying to be better when it comes to the different holidays and the like.  However, something I always like to do it start counting down the days until it’s my birthday.  I try not to start too soon.  I know that some people don’t need to be bothered by it.

However, today makes it EXACTLY one month before my birthday.

For those who have birthdays in March, we know the beauty of having been so fortunate to be born that month.  You see, when we say it’s a month until our birthday, most people assume that it’s a mere 30/31 days away.  But for those of us born in March, it’s only 28 days!

Which means we have to wait less for the days that are a celebration of our cosmic awesomeness for being on this planet.  So, to celebrate my cosmic awesomeness, I’m hoping to not have to work that day.  I do know that my birthday is a Friday and a pay day.  That means my cosmic awesomeness is already being recognized.

And because I am so awesome, I will help people out with what can be an appropriate gift for this bombshell.  I know that I’m far away from everyone and that I’m allegedly notoriously hard to buy for.  So for some this may be helpful and/or useful.  Now that I’m no longer in PR, I don’t know who would be the person to be the keeper of my gift suggestion list.  But, just in case, I will post it here so that it’s easier to reference.

Socks are always appreciated & loved & needed & loved & wanted.

I’m stateside, so can I haz squishable now?

Angora cashmere wrist warmers, the blackberry ones look yummy.

I’m not too snobby to appreciate some monies.

These tights are super cute.. as are these fishnets.

I’ve seen many pretty dresses.

But maybe I don’t need to suggest it further what I might like?

If anyone needs my stateside address, let me know.  Some of the sites listed, like Sock Dreams, offers free shipping to any domestic address.  That is always a bonus because what people would have spent on shipping, they can spend on just one more pair of socks!

If anyone needs a little hint on sizes, just let me know and I will float that their way too.  Just to be sure that I get the right something pretty.

I always get a gift for myself, so I’m considering getting myself a GPS navigation system.  I think that will help me branch out better to drive on my own.  Either that or maybe a digital camera.  Unless someone loves me enough to spend that much money on me.  But I likely won’t buy it for myself until after I’m done receiving all outside gifts.

Nothing is set in stone and for those who know me can attest to the fact that I’m happy with whatever gift I may get.  I do hope I have helped some people come up with a sure-fire thing to make me cry in delight.  You can keep things a secret from me, but be sure you talk amongst yourselves so that I don’t end up with multiples.


A girl wanting flowers; revisited February 15, 2011

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One of the entries I remember most on my blog was one I wrote just before Valentine’s Day in 2008 (even though it was posted on the 14th, I had obviously been staying up late feeling a little sorry for myself as the entry was likely posted in the early hours of the morning).  It was back closer to the beginning of my having my blog but the sentiment was a genuine one.  Many who have gone back and read my blog from it’s very beginning remember it as well.  They always remark to me the impact of the entry.

If only I had a dollar…

for every time someone told me

that the entry had made them cry

I would be able to pay my cell bill for a year.

And this past weekend, as my semi plans for pre-Valentine’s were dashed, I couldn’t help but feeling much as I felt when I wrote the original entry.

Lonely with immense melancholy.

And a healthy dose of self-pity.

You see, I understand those who say that Valentine’s is an unnecessary holiday; One crafted to sell lots of cards, chocolates and flowers in the feigned expression of commercialized love.  It’s true that a lot of people take it out of context and make it seem like it’s for all the wrong reasons.  But it’s also true that Valentine’s Day has been around since at least the 16th century in much the same way as we know it today… though it’s a remnant of Roman pagan religion that was adopted by Christianity.

It means so much more to me than the receipt of some heart shaped box of chocolates, you see.  I always try to make it special for those around me.  I try to give them little cards or flowers, so they know they mean something to me.  There was an article I read recently that said something along the lines that we have other holidays slated for religion or being with family, what’s so wrong with scheduling in a holiday to commemorate romance?  What’s so wrong with giving someone a bouquet of roses on a day where the gesture is somewhat expected?

What other holidays can that happen?

It’s not like you get flowers on most any other time of the year… much less on just any day when those who are anti-Valentine’s are touting how they celebrate their love daily.

That’s not to say that I don’t understand how many different gestures can be romantic… and how little things show one’s love for another.  I see that all too clearly too.

But what about someone who wishes someone would remember them…

and get them flowers…

just because they wanted them.

There isn’t a holiday set aside for that.

And it doesn’t seem like anyone remembers it…

On every day for the rest of the year.

So where does that leave the girl who wants flowers?

I suppose it leaves her still wanting flowers… because in the 3 years since she has written that entry… she still hasn’t gotten flowers just because.  And that makes me a little sad because I know in that time I have seen others get flowers… and I have also been the one giving them to others.  I do it with all the love in my heart… without expecting anything in return.  But if one believes in some sort of cosmic karma… shouldn’t flowers then find a way to get back to me?

They say that one should give without expecting to receive anything in return.

But my feelings on that are much the same as my feelings on Valentine’s Day.

I think the absence of something is far more telling about one’s feelings.